Bulletin Board Stock Trading Restrictions
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TD AMERITRADE accepts orders for OTC Bulletin Board®, Pink Sheet®, and other Non-listed securities (hereinafter referred to collectively as Over-the-counter Bulletin Board, or OTCBB, securities). Investing in OTCBB securities can be very risky. These securities represent low-priced shares of new or small companies, foreign equity issues, warrants, units, ADRs and DPPs that do not qualify for trading on a national stock exchange or on NASDAQ®. Instead, Dealers, who are not required to make a market in the security or to hold shares in inventory, trade the securities on a manual basis, over the telephone, in the "over-the-counter" market. As the securities are not traded through automated or electronically linked execution systems, accurate quotation information and immediate executions may not be available and it is not uncommon for the manual execution process to take several minutes.

As a discount brokerage firm, TD AMERITRADE does not solicit or recommend transactions in OTCBB securities. Please review "TD AMERITRADE's OTCBB Securities Trading Rules" carefully to determine if investing in these securities is appropriate for your investment goals, financial resources, risk tolerance and experience. Because accounts with TD AMERITRADE are self-directed, please review the Terms and Conditions of your account and perform your own "due diligence" before investing in any security. « 

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